Leaving Bolivia

I´m going to keep this quick because my bus from Cocacabana, Bolivia to Cuzco, Peru leaves in just over an hour, but I feel like I´ve let the blogging lapse as Í´ve been busy experiencing this beautiful country, which is probably for the best. I intend to write some concluding thoughts on Bolivia on my bus ride and post them in the next couple days, but for now let me just tell the story of my crazy bike ride on Friday and get into my amazing experiences on and around Lake Titicaca later.

I wanted to do some more single track mountain biking around La Paz so I went with a company called Downhill Madness, which offered a super challenging ride on great full suspension bikes. It was just me and a couple Jehovah´s Witness missionaries from the states who are now living in the Dominican Republic, and our guides Santos and Rusty.

The ride would have three parts in different places and it was an epic day right up until we rode a spot called Ima, where the landscape included huge chasms and tall spires of earth. There were deep holes and cliffs all around us, which was quite fun until we got lost and kept trying to go further, hoping we could find our way to the path. Eventually, we were surrounded by cliffs with no way out and darkness approaching, so we ended up having to walk three hours uphill in treacherous terrain before we could reach the ridge and get a cell phone signal for the truck to come get us.

OK, that was a far shorter version than I intended to write, but I´m running out of time. Lo siento. Check back later for something a bit more intelligent and interesting.

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