Living and blogging

I’ve now been back in San Francisco for as long as I was away in South America, but you couldn’t tell from this blog. It seems strange that I was so prolific while traveling and can’t manage to pull together a simple post now. Of course, I’m back at work, writing for the Guardian instead of just myself and whoever might stumble across this still evolving online journal.
It’s draining to write caustic political blog posts, cover big events, crank out cover stories on deadline, edit long and complicated narratives, plan my upcoming coverage of some big conferences, do the weekly TV show, and generally milk the Guardian’s meager resources into compelling coverage of a city as dynamic as San Francisco. And that’s not even getting into my life as a newly single man at the start of my favorite season, or my role as the divorced dad of two daughters headed in the fall to Enochs High School in Modesto and Stanford University just down the peninsula from my home, or side projects like the San Francisco Public Press.
So I have some good excuses for letting this blog go, although I suspect there’s something else at play. On my vacation, my motivation was pretty clear: offer my impressions of two foreign countries as I explored them, learning about Bolivia and Peru as I learned about myself. Same thing with my writing for the Guardian: I understand my role and the tasks it entails, so I just do it. Even in my personal and social lives, patterns and practices seem to manifest themselves and I just float along in this river that I’ve come to know as my life.
But my intention with this blog was to do something different, a bit more deliberate and free form, hoping to stumble onto new ideas and write with a new voice. Maybe book ideas would emerge and evolve, or the blog itself would start to develop into something more than, well, a blog. Or perhaps such nonsense is best kept scribbled in notebooks that nobody will ever read, awaiting full gestation before I attempt a delivery. Maybe my blog is just like anybody’s blog, one more inconsequential brick in the modern Tower of Babel.
Perhaps we shall see because I don’t think I’m ready to concede that just yet.