My latest projects

If there’s anyone out there still reading this long-neglected blog, let me offer my apologies and an explanation. My day job at the Guardian is more demanding than ever, given the meager resources at my disposal to cover a dynamic city like San Francisco. And that’s exacerbated during summertime when we have people on vacation and I have innumerable personal distractions, such a fun in the sun. But let me assure you that I’m hard at work on several projects:

* Fear and Loathing On the Road to the American Dream — I’m driving to Denver with Democratic Party activist Donnie Fowler and performer Kid Beyond to cover the Democratic National Convention (for which I’m fully credentialed), stopping by Burning Man (whose art theme this year is American Dream) on the way there and back. I’ll be doing daily blog posts on the Guardian’s politics blog and producing a cover story by the end of the week playing off the juxtapositions of these two great American pageants. Frankly, I have no idea what will come of this project, but it’s sure to be interesting. Perhaps I’ll even find the ending for my unfinished book about Burning Man, although I’m going to leave that up to fate.

* The other book project I’m considering right now is a profile of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is preparing to run for governor. He’s a fascinating character that I’ve gotten to understand well over these last five years and I think that my perspective would be valuable as voters across the country start getting to know him. More on this as it develops.

* In the near term, I’m working on a cover story about Ringling Bros Circus and its treatment of the animals under its care, an important subject given the circus is coming to the Bay Area on Aug. 14, just a few months before a major lawsuit by the Humane Society and other groups finally goes to trial after years of preparation and pre-trial motions. Look for it to hit the streets Aug. 13.

If anyone out there has any input on these projects, I’ll be glad to listen. And hopefully once we get past the summer months, you’ll be seeing some more regular posts here. After all, I turn 40 on Sept. 19 and that seems like the ideal occasion for some outward introspection. Cheers.