Writing with a mustache

Whoa, it’s been so long since I blogged here that I almost forgot where I kept this thing. Alas, all of you probably did as well, but I’m gearing up to be a more prolific writer over the coming months, so I hope this will be the first of many more regular updates.

OK, first the news: yesterday, I signed a book contract with CCC Publishing. I now have until next Halloween to produce a book on Burning Man focused on the crazy collection of cultures that orbit The Man and have a year-round presence in communities such as San Francisco. I’ll make use of some material that I’ve already written for the Bay Guardian (which you can find here), update it with new information, and supplement with several new realms that I’m starting to report out, including sex, drugs, fashion, and the regional events. The working title is Star System Burning Man, but that may change. So I’m now clear out space in my life and head and settling down to work. Check back here for updates and maybe even some excerpts.

The other news in my life is that I’m growing a mustache. OK, this might not seem little big deal, but this is a mustache for the children. Please consider supporting me and the worthy causes that I’ve selected — even a few bucks would help — by visiting my donor page. Thanks for your support, and stay in touch.