Is this the end?

Damn, I hate blogging. Yes, that’s a strange thing for me to be writing on this long-neglected personal blog when I could and should be doing a million other things on this free Saturday afternoon.

In fact, I’m taking a break from writing on my Tribes of Burning Man book just so I can blather on about nothing here on this site that nobody reads. But I’ve been meaning to do more journaling these days, so perhaps that’s what I’ll start using this space for, at least until my professional blogging coming to an end and I’m actually looking for a place to put significant observations.

I’ve been thinking about such transitions lately, as the San Francisco Chronicle faces closure (which I discussed on my TV show a couple nights ago) and the Guardian continues to barely chug along, with its declining resources offset only by me and the few writers of news that we have working harder. So that’s consumes my energies, unlike those who vent and write through their personal blogs.

But clearly, I feel a need to maintain this blog, or to at least prevent it from going totally dormant. That is, assuming that this gibberish counts for something other than a new date for “latest post,” something in the current year for a change. Might that’s enough for this dreary Saturday (hey, at least I figured out my password after several tries).

Oh well, I suppose that I should take it easy on myself. I’m still in post-breakup mode, still many months away from the deadline on my book, and still paid to direct these energies, such as they are, to the Bay Guardian’s blogs (including the new Sex SF site, where I did my first post yesterday).

At some point, something will change. We’ll figure out what’s next for journalism and online communication, as well as this depressing economy, and then we’ll move forward — you and me both.

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  1. For what it’s worth. I subscribe via Google Reader (RSS) and so I get each of your posts to this blog. You have readers! Keep writing, no matter what. And btw, nice article on Scott and Polly.


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