Launch week for burner season

Blissdance photo by Luke Szczepanski, an image from my book.

Burner season has begun in the Bay Area, kicked off by this week’s announcement of $550,000 in art grants being awarded to 44 projects by Black Rock City LLC. Some of the biggest grants are going to artists familiar to readers of my book: the Flaming Lotus Girls, who are doing a project called Tympani Lambada; Peter Hudson, whose latest stroboscopic zoetrope is called Charon; Charlie Gadeken, who is building Aurora; and Marco Cochrane’s crew, which is following up last year’s amazing Blissdance with an even biggest sculpture of the same nude model, this one dubbed Truth and Beauty.
Yes, truth and beauty, two of my favorite things. The default inscription that I’ve been signing on the hundreds of books we’ve sold have been:
Speak Truth
Seek Beauty
Create Art
With lines connecting the verbs to the nouns in various combinations. I’ll be signing a lot more books in the coming weeks as I kick off my own seasonal project: regular bookstore readings of The Tribes of Burning Man: How an Experimental City in the Desert is Shaping the New American Counterculture. The first one is this Wednesday, March 30, at Laurel Book Store, 4100 Macarthur Blvd, Oakland.
The next night, I’ll be headed out to Treasure Island for a $50/head fundraiser party for Huzdo’s Charon, which involves the “final spin” of his beloved monkeys, Homouroboros. His crew is also doing an ambitious Kickstarter fundraising effort to bridge the gap between their art grant and what the project actually costs to build – as is Cochrane’s Truth and Beauty crew, which based out on TI.
Then the next day, there’s the kickoff event for the Burning Man regional summit over at the Bently Reserve, where I’ll be hanging out for a bit at D’Andre’s table of revolutionaries to discuss my book. And that night, I’m headed over to DNA Lounge for the premiere of Roccopura: The Misadventures of Pancho Sanza, a circus rock opera written by Gooferman front man Boenobo the Klown and performed by the indie circus crews that I also featured in my book.
Yup, buckle up everyone because things have begun.

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