Tribes tour comes back home

My well-attended reading last night at Pegasus Books in Berkeley was the 11th event in my The Tribes of Burning Man book tour. I’ve enjoyed every one them and appreciate the support and insightful questions and comments from those who have attended. Really, the discussions have all been great. But I have to say that I’m really looking forward to returning to my home turf of San Francisco for my reading at Booksmith on Haight Street on May 25 at 7:30 pm.

I’m hoping to really blow this one out because that block is like burner central, the strip that all San Franciscans visit during our Burning Man preparations, picking up art supplies and fake fur at Mendel’s, tickets and goggles at Distractions, and cool costume clothing at Held Over and Buffalo Exchange. And hopefully people can add “buying Scribe’s book at Booksmith” to their preparation lists for this year.

All of my presentations so far have been unique, choosing different chapters to tell a variety of stories based on the audience, my mood, and recent events. I’m expecting this discussion to be particularly timely and relevant considering Black Rock City LLC just moved into its new headquarters on Market Street and it is about to announce the seven new directors that will run The Burning Man Project, the new nonprofit that will take over operation of Burning Man in the coming years.

With a core audience of veteran San Francisco burners in attendance, we can get deep into the challenges and complicated questions that our shared culture faces during this pivotal year, from how the event should be governed in the future to what kinds of new ventures are possible and appropriate. I plan to have all the latest info to facilitate what I hope will be a lively discussion, which I’m sure will continue over cocktails at the Gold Cane or Hobson’s Choice after Booksmith gives us the boot.

I hope to see you there.

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